Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Last Cabinet

I never would have thought that the house renovation project that would drag on the longest would be painting the metal cabinets for the kitchen.  I mean, it's just spray paint, how long could that take?  About two years!  

I'm not sure it it was because the cabinets were so rusty, or heavy, or if it was because I could only work on them when it was nice weather outside, but I really stretched this project out.  But, last Sunday, we finally painted and hung the last of the metal cabinets!  Whoop!

It was a nice job to have a on sunny day, despite the toxic paint fumes, since I could play with the chickens while I waited for the coats of paint to dry.  

Not only did the last cabinet get painted, but Brandon built a counter for under the cabinet.  It's nice plywood with a clear coat painted on it to make it easily washable.  There are boards that run along the wall to hold it up on two sides.  

The front corner has a leg made from a curtain rod.  

We propped the cabinet on top of the new counter so we could test for the perfect position.  

And then the cabinet was screwed to the wall.  I really have no excuses for leaving boxes of dishes scattered around.  It's time to finish putting the kitchen together at last!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! I get so excited with your progress. By the by, Dan told Brandon that he was bringing Rufus in the backseat of his car to drawing class last night and Brandon didn't even blink. Well done, you!


rain said...

Brandon must know it's inevitable that I will fill our fields with fuzzy animals, because he didn't put up much resistance when I told him about Rufus. Although he did mutter something about not being able to imagine a more worthless animal than a miniature donkey, but I wasn't really paying attention because I was planning for a fence. Rufus is just what we need to get this ball rolling!

Leigh Weber said...

Love it!!

Leigh Weber said...

Love it!!

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