Thursday, March 3, 2016

Some Blogs I Read

As fellow blog readers, I thought you might be interested in my blog roll.  I've read some of these folks blogs for so long (many years, some of them), and mentioned them so often to Brandon, that he knows who I'm talking about, even though neither of us have ever met them.  It was lurking around on other folks blogs that gave me the courage to try to write one of my own.  

I love it when I find a blog with a long history so there's plenty of archived posts - all those free stories! 

Some of my favorites, in no particular order: 

Cold Antler Farm - I've followed Jenna through multiple states, and a whole menagerie of pets and farm animals.  She's an artist, and writer, and not afraid to talk about her joys and mistakes.  It wasn't until I read this post that I realized I was infected with barnheart disease.  This post has always stuck with me too.  

The Contrary Farmer -  This is Gene Logsdon's blog, and he publishes a new post every Wednesday.  He's been writing books and articles about agriculture and art for years, and it's amazing to me that I get to peak into his thoughts in a weekly essay.  The folks that comment on his blog are insightful too.  He published this post, originally written in the 1980's, about butchering chickens, which gave me the courage to try it myself.  Gene wrote a book about using using human manure in agriculture (called Holy Shit), and his posts on the topic, like this one, helped me be brave enough to try the composting toilet.  

SouleMama - Amanda Soule, mother of five, gardener, editor, homesteader, crafter and popular blogger.  Always lots of stuff happening with her, so she keeps it interesting and posts frequently.  

The Art of Doing Stuff - Karen is one funny Canadian - and always doing stuff!  This hilarious post was the one I stumbled upon that lured me in.  

What Possessed Me - Unlike me, Persephone is cool. And a New Yorker.  She started writing her blog in 2007.  She's witty and smart and likes to travel.  This post makes me laugh every time.  She stopped writing in 2014 after her dad died, but her archived posts are still there.  Just pick any random post and you will be hooked.

Sugar Mountain Farm - Walter and his family raise pastured pigs and built their own butchering facility.  He's like a pig farming genius!  My friend, Farmer Joe, once asked a question about his pigs on some kind of farmers forum, and the person who replied was Walter.  Joe called me to tell me about the exchange because he knew I would be as excited as he was to have a conversation with Walter.

Meat - Bruce farms near Seattle and is always trying new techniques and experiments.  He makes a point to talk about what he thinks are other peoples mistakes.  Sometimes he picks on Walter and gets everybody in the online pig raising world in a tizzy.  Oh, the drama!

The Kitchens Garden - Celia farms in the mid-west USA, is from Australia, has family all over the world, has young people from different countries stay with her and help her farm, and takes really great photos.  She believes in healthy food so much she's growing food.  She posts daily.

The Arch Druid Report - John Micheal Greer is such a good writer, that when he writes about the slow collapse of the worlds industrial system, and backs up his arguments with historical examples and solid sense, I can sometimes get nervous.  I like to read his posts out loud on long car trips.

Saipua - Sarah has a flower shop in New York City and a fairly new flower and sheep farm outside the city.  Her team does elaborate flowers for weddings.  She travels the world and has deep thoughts about flowers and other things, which she shares in a very entertaining way.

The 7MSN Ranch - Linda has such a cool way of sharing the personalities of the animals she lives with on her New Mexico ranch that I sometimes try to emulate her presentation style.  I can't seem do it like she does.  Her photography is wonderful.

Dig This Chick - Nici is my same age, and her husband is also an artist.  You would think we would have more in common!  She writes openly about her life - her work - her two daughters.  I tried to pick a favorite post to link to and couldn't decide.

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