Monday, March 21, 2016

Egg Mitosis

Our four hens kept us in breakfast eggs all winter, with a few to spare, but we didn't realize they were holding out on us until they ramped up the spring production.  They made a secret egg stash in the barn, but laid enough in the nest box to keep me from guessing what they were up to.  Sneaky chickens.  

Brandon and I were in the barn gathering some tools, when Brandon spied a whole clutch of eggs under a table.  Jack pot!

Since I didn't know how old the eggs were, I did the float test for freshness.  All the eggs settled to the bottom of a pot of cold water, indicating that they were so fresh that they didn't have air pockets in them.  Since the eggs were already swimming, I boiled them and peeled them for egg salad sandwiches.  

Such pretty eggs.  Is it weird to stand in the kitchen and pose boiled eggs for pictures?  

I've titled this picture "Egg Mitosis" or maybe "Egg Salad Cycle".  Ha!  Nerd.  

If I get this many eggs from four hens, just imagine how many hidden nests and eggs salads are in our future once my young hens start to lay! 

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