Tuesday, March 29, 2016

That's Not a Hose!

Look who I nearly stepped on!  I'm not sure if this is Carlos, our hopefully evicted house snake, but it could be.  This snake was long enough, but seemed a little skinny for Carlos.  Maybe after a long winter Carlos needs some fattening up! 

I stepped from my car, and as I walked toward the front door I assumed we left the garden hose laying in the yard until I got close enough to see this wasn't a hose.  Yelp!

This snake was moving really slow, despite the warm sun.  When I looked closely at it's eyes, they looked clouded over, so maybe he's getting ready for a shed and couldn't see me very well.  When I touched him, he was quick to move.  You can watch his reaction to my touch in the short clip below. 

So slithery. 

Despite lots of teasing from Brandon about my ambition to excavate the swimming pool location by hand, I have made some (okay, a little) progress by digging up the sod and top soil for the garden.  

Just look at all that clover - this is going to be great dirt for the garden, since clover is nitrogen fixer.  I'm happy to steal it for my raised bed.  

Finally, I have on of the beds filled with dirt.  I only got the top soil from about one eighth of the pool footprint, so I have lots more to keep me busy.  

Newt thinks my ambitions are so hilarious she fell down laughing.  

The chickens are too busy looking for earthworms in the dirt clumps to laugh at my puny efforts.  

Stop digging and rub my belly, please.

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