Saturday, March 26, 2016

Pear Tree, Peach Tree, Septic Tank

The first of the little fruit trees is getting it's leaves.  The plum tree near the new fence actually looks like a little tree now, instead of a small stick.  

Puck and I are still in amazement that we have actual sunlight to play in when I get home from work.  We got used to doing chicken chores in the gloaming, so it feels luxurious to soak up some real sunlight hours after I'm home.  

The little peach tree in the front yard has pink buds!  I've never had a peach tree before.  I read that peaches in Kentucky are not very likely in most years, because they bloom so early and we typically have a late frost.  

Even if I never get a peach, it's nice to have something with pretty pink blooms so early in the spring.  

The big pear tree right outside the front door it beginning to bloom too.  In town, the streets are lined with bright white Bradford pears, but it seems our pear tree blooms a little bit later than those.  

There are thousands of buds, but only a few are open.  

The peonies that I transplanted from our old house are sending bright red shoots up from the ground. I'm so glad to see some color in the world!

The grass has been greening and growing too.  The chickens and I took a little walk to explore a wet spot in the field I recently noticed when walking on our trail.  As I suspected, it's water flowing on the surface from the septic tank leach lines.  Gross.  The ground looks a little gray, and I could detect that classic gray water anaerobic smell.  

At least now I know where the septic tank drains to.  Considering our saturated clay soil and the unknown age or condition of the septic tank, I can't say that I'm surprised to find a squishy spot in the field.  Thankfully it's not right in the yard, or near the little stream stream.  I'm also thankful that we don't have a flush toilet.  It's gross enough to know the shower, sink, and washing machine water is pouring into the grass.  I have day dreams about a gray water wetland treatment system, but that's a project for a later time.  

I can't go anywhere on the farm these days without an entourage of guineas.  You would think I would feel more flattered.  I'm pretty sure the guineas days are numbered here.  Joe said he would add them to his flock, since they are damaging my calm.  Or I could make that guinea pot pie I've been dreaming about.  They make noise constantly now.  I'm not sure if they are twitterpated from the spring weather, or if this is their natural state, but they have helped me appreciate the gentle clucks from my hens and the infrequent crows of my rooster.  

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