Friday, March 25, 2016

Girls and Boys

The chicks that were delivered in the mail at the end of the December, are old enough now that I can tell who is a boy and who is a girl.  The boys are behaving more like boys - they play fight and lunge at each other.  I heard the first attempt at a crow yesterday, but it sounded a little more like someone sat on a whoopee cushion than the call of a proud rooster. 

These are some of the barred rock chicks.  The one of the left, which is darker and has a smaller comb is a female (looks just like Mrs. Hall!).  The one on the right is bigger, lighter color, and his comb is more red and more impressive.  

This is a buff orpington and Easter egger sandwich.  The yellow buff orpington on the far right is a girl (she hardly has a comb at all), and the yellow bird with a dark red comb on the far left is a boy.  The Easter eggers are the hardest to tell apart since they all have small combs and big beards.  I've spent more time than I should admit to watching them though, so I'm pretty confident that all but one of these is a girl, despite their beards.  

Since all but one of the boys is destined for the freezer, and initially I was sure these pretty black and white Easter eggers were boys, I was excited to finally determine that she is a she, after all.  I have two with this white head to black tail pattern.  Directly behind her is a girl barred rock, and the one in the back is a boy.

Two girls.  

Boy, girl, girl, boy.  

This one looks like a girl, but behaves like a boy.  He's the only one with a name, so far, so I'm pretty sure he will be the rooster I keep.  Welcome, Cogburn!  

Newt gets a little jealous when I pay too much attention to the chickens.  

Sorry, Newt, you have to figure out how to get down all by yourself!  

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