Friday, November 11, 2016

Yoga with Goats

Downward donkey?  Ha!  When I brought the goats home, Ashley asked me if I was going to do yoga with goats, like they do on this farm.  

Turns out, Peaches is quite a yoga inspiration!  She likes to incorporate some gentle circles with the nose to really bring those neck muscles to life.  Does everybody hear someone crushing a paper bag when they do this move?  I do.  

Peaches encourages me to try some postures on the ground too.  

And to remember to smile and laugh while doing yoga.  According to Peaches, yoga doesn't have to be so serious.  Especially when doing it with goats!

I'm envious of Peaches' excellent knee flexibility.  

When I took mom out into the pasture to try yoga with the goats, she said we needed a "sit-upon" like she used to make when they went camping with the girl scouts.  She used some empty chicken feed bags and made me one!  I sit upon my sit-upon quite often, and practice sitting cross legged.  That counts as yoga, right?  

Yoga with goats has excellent views.  

 At least until a silly goat gets in the way!

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