Monday, November 14, 2016

Sarah the Sock Creature

My nieces and I finally had a chance to finish the sock monster that we started making the last time they came for long visit.  My youngest niece wielded the scissors and selected the socks, the body style, and the buttons for the eyes and earrings, and my elder niece helped me sew it all together.  She sewed both arms and the smaller leg mostly all by herself.  It was true sock creature collaboration!  

We managed to finish our sock creature and still find lots of time for visiting Rufus and the goats.  Wendigo always brings a toy when we go for a visit to the barn, and the girls have the same good idea.  Only my nieces have funny sock toys and poor Wendi gets a rolled up chicken food sack.  Not fair, right?  

Wendi really wanted a turn playing with the new sock monkey, but my niece figured out a way to keep it safe from Wendi's slobbery mouth by tucking it safely inside her jacket.  I smiled every time I saw her with a sock creature head poking out of her collar.  The sock creatures first name was Penelope, but because that name was too hard to remember, it was changed to Sarah by the end of the day.  

The girls and I took the goats for long rambles and watched them eat weeds and try to head butt Wendigo.  All the extra energy that kids bring got the twin Rivers excited, and they ran up and down the fields with the kids and the dogs, while Peaches focused on eating.  Rufus brayed pitifully from behind the fence because he wanted to join the fun, but when the girls went inside the fence to pet him he was jumpy and skittish and we decided he wasn't ready for an outing with kids.  He got so many treats handed to him through the fence that he seemed mollified.   

They did manage to coax Rufus into taking a run with them.  I was panting from my short jog up the fence line, but I managed to get my phone out and capture the run in this clip.  My nieces can run as fast as a donkey!  

Brandon overheard us talking about building a maze, and when he volunteered to cut a maze with the mower in the long grass of the back field, we were super excited.  He managed to make it hard too, and it included several dead ends.  

As I've said before, mazes are a challenge for me, so I stuck close to my youngest niece, and she lead me safely through.  We went back again right before dark, and took the goats with us.  The Rivers were so worried about being away from the barn at dusk, that they kept jumping and stampeding for the barn, but when they would realize we weren't coming too, they would run back to munch more blackberry leaves.  Brandon said hanging out with goats is like walking with a herd of excitable deer. 

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