Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kohlrabi Kefir Shake

Does a shake made with kohlrabi leaves and kefir sound tasty to you?  It didn't to Brandon either, so I think he was surprised to find out that with frozen fruit and a dollop of honey, a kohlrabi shake is actually quite good.  Figuring out a way to have raw greens for dessert is also good.  I like sneaky vegetables.  

In the slightly out of focus photo above, you can see the tiny flecks of green kohlrabi leaves blended into the kefir smoothie.  I used an over ripe banana and some frozen strawberries too, and added a big glop of raw honey to sweeten it.  I think we could have skipped the honey and still enjoyed the shake, but raw honey is supposed to be good for us too, so this seems like a good way to get some in our bodies.  The shake tasted like a slightly tart strawberry milkshake.  The kohlrabi from my garden has a very mild taste, especially if I pull off the stems, so it was perfect to add to the blender.  

My kefir grains are still alive inside my metal tea strainer (a.k.a. my "clabber ball").  Right now I have two of these metal tea strainers full of kefir grains, which I put in a big jar of milk and leave on the kitchen counter for twenty-four hours until the milk becomes a yogurt consistency.  Then I put the jar, with the clabber ball still inside, in the refrigerator.  When we eat the kefir, or use it for cooking or in the bread machine, I just plop the balls in a new jar of milk.  In the photo above, you can see what it looks like inside the ball.  When I read about kefir grains, they were described as looking like cauliflower.  I think it looks more like cottage cheese.  Nothing about it looks like a grain.  

I find it's best not to look inside the clabber ball too often.  Some things should stay behind the scenes! 


Stormyshay said...

I want to try water kefir grains. I suppose they may be our only option now that we have confirmed Summer has a dairy allergy. :(

rain said...

Has she tried goats milk yet? I have conflicting daydreams about dairy animals - should I get a goat or a cow? If she can drink goat milk, that may tip me toward goat daydreams.

Stormyshay said...

Everything I have read said to avoid all animal milk when there is a diary allergy. I am taking her to see an allergist and they can test for other allergies so hopefully I will know if goat milk is an option. It is more than lactose intolerance. She now vomits after consuming diary and got hives the last time Byron gave her yogurt. A shame because she loved to drink milk.

And I totally think you should get a goat or cow.

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