Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Can you believe we actually have some painted walls at the farm house!  Color is so exciting.  It's been especially exciting for me, since Brandon isn't teaching this summer and he's been working without me for a few days.  When I got to the farm house for work day on Sunday, I was greeted by the bright yellow wall in the kitchen.  Hello, yellow! 

Every time I mentioned that I thought the kitchen should be painted yellow, Brandon reminded me that he already had a gallon of yellow paint.  He doesn't remember where it came from, but it was a mostly full.  It really wasn't the pale yellow I had in mind, but now that I see it on the wall, and have recovered from the shock of the color intensity, I like it.  It's very yellow.   

Notice that Brandon has almost finished the recessed book shelf next to the chimney.  This used to be the door the bathroom, but now the back of the book case is in the pantry.    

When I told Brandon that seeing the blue cabinets with the yellow wall it reminded me of a color combination that a first grader would pick, he said that was good, because first graders know what looks cheerful and bright.  

While Brandon worked upstairs putting the baseboards back on the walls, I painted primer on the living room walls.  We're still debating painting the woodwork around the stairs, columns, and ceilings.  Since the the trim boards we are recycling from the house are already painted white, I think we should probably paint the columns white, like we planned, but maybe leave the ceiling bare wood.  Maybe.  

I managed to get the walls primed all the way to the stairs, and Brandon finished the job yesterday, while I was at work.  

I also painted primer in the bathroom, and I must say, my drywall seams are pretty solid.  Even though I sanded everything, and then vacuumed the walls, when Brandon started painting in the kitchen he realized that I hadn't sanded everything enough, and he went over the entire house again with the sander.  Which meant we had to vacuum everything again.  Whew.  It was worth it though, because the seams are invisible.  The only places that I'm not completely proud of are around the outlets.    

We kept all the trim boards that we took down from around the windows, the ceilings, and the floors, and we've been stumbling over this giant pile of wood while we worked upstairs.  Brandon had a big job of sorting it all back out, fitting the wood back around the windows, and piecing together the baseboards.  The windows look so much better with sills and trim.  

Look at that color!  I haven't seen it yet in person, because Brandon painted the first coat while I was at work yesterday, and sent me the picture above.  We had a plan to shop for paint together yesterday morning, but I had something come up at the office and couldn't be extra late for work.  Instead of delaying Brandon's plan to paint the walls, we decided he should pick the paint colors.  I suggested something in the melon/sunset color range for the upstairs, and this is what he picked.  I wouldn't have been brave enough to pick such a bold color, but Brandon was fearless.  He also picked a green color for the living room that I haven't seen yet.  I'm nervous!  

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the colors!! I especially love the turquoise/lemon yellow combination of the kitchen. It reminds me of the south of France.

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