Monday, May 18, 2015

Cool Mist

I have a new addition to my garden, which I think may revolutionize my garden experience.  It's a mister!  You know, that makes mist.  Cool mist.  

Jamie and I have discussed the possibility of making a mister that we could use for hot outdoor chores, like waiting for a turn at the beer keg, or working on our, I mean pulling weeds and mowing the grass.  We mentally invented just what we needed, by thinking we might be able to poke holes in an old garden hose.  Of course, we never actually stood up and created our invention, but we convinced ourselves that it would be marvelous.  So was it serendipity that lead Jamie to his buddy's garage to see an unopened Cool Patio mister sitting on a shelf, obviously unappreciated?  I think so!

Jamie, recognizing that this was the answer to our dreams of being able to be outside, yet be cooled by tiny droplets of hose water, offered his buddy some cash for the Cool Patio mister, and his friend bade him to take it, free of charge.  This friend, obviously oblivious to the fact that he was the owner of such a fabulous invention, seemed to think it odd that his mother would give him such a thing as a Christmas gift.  So short sighted!  We immediately attached the small hose with the tiny mist nozzles to the top of the yard swing, and screwed it the end of the garden hose.  Wha-la!  Out door air conditioning at the twist of a knob!  Genius!  

As you can see from the expression on his face, Brandon was uncertain about the cool mist.  What's not to love?!  It's like sitting near a waterfall, or floating in a cloud.  I'm convinced that as the summer heats up more and more, everyone will see the beauty of the mist.  

It even makes rainbows in the sun!  The breeze blows the mist to and fro, gently cooling anyone sitting on the swing, or in the vicinity of the swing.  The package says it uses a gallon of water an hour, so it's not very wasteful either.  

If you stick your face near the nozzles, it gets sprinkles on your glasses though.  

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