Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Pig and Guinea Movies

I found out that my new piggy friends are named Miss Piggy (I guessed it!) and Bugger.  Bugger is not a very pretty name, but Bugger is not a classically pretty pig either, so it suits him.  He looks a little like a troll or a warthog around his eyes and nose, his lips stick out a bit from what I assume are tusks, and he drools when he eats.  Miss Piggy thinks he's swell.  

The neighbors have returned from their vacation, and came to collect their pigs who spent all day Sunday lounging around our place and eating lots of grass.  Having a few pigs around adds to the Green Acres ambiance of our place, so I'm going to miss them.  The neighbor offered to let me keep them permanently, since his kids have lost interest in them, but I told him I liked sharing them with him.  He can feed them and house them and I'll just take their pictures when they come over.  It's an equitable custody arrangement, right?  

My friend and her family came for a visit on Sunday to collect some of the young hens for their backyard flock, and I was worried that the pigs would wander off before her kids got to see them.  No worries though, the kids chased the pigs all around the yard and they never decided to leave.  I broke my own rule about not feeding the pigs and offered them some apple slices.  

You can see from this short video how much they appreciated my generosity.  These pigs are spoiled!   

Yesterday was another really windy day.  Puck and I took a walk down the driveway to get a good look at the hills of green pasture dotted with cows across the road.   

We had an entourage for our walk!  I've been cracking myself up by adding background music to my videos.  This one makes me giggle.  

Guineas are so weird.  I like that about them.  They like to be together, even when they take a bath!


Anonymous said...

Maybe the pigs will like pears! Thanks, Rain. The soundtrack for the guineas made me giggle too... and given my solitary state that really chirked me up.


rain said...

I'm glad to inspire some giggles! Oh boy, those pigs are going to founder during pear season!

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