Monday, April 4, 2016

Moonlight and Pigs

Check out the moon rise!  The last full moon was so large and bright, and rose so early, there was enough light to actually take pictures of it as it shone through the tree line on the eastern boundary of our property.  

Puck and I roamed around the farm in the dark while we admired the moonlight glinting off the chicken coop windows.  We tried howling at the moon to see if we could rouse the coyotes but only succeeded in creeping ourselves out and worrying the guineas.  The guineas are probably so annoying that the coyotes have relocated to a more peaceful farm.  

I like to see the comforting glow from our windows when I'm out at night checking on my flock.  

I have never seen the coyotes slinking around the farm at night, but I have seen a cat a few times. Over the weekend my neighbor stopped by to let us know that they were leaving town for a week's vacation, and casually mentioned that they were just going to release their two pot-bellied pigs while they were out of town.  What?!?  I quickly offered to come by every day and feed their animals, but she said they had it under control and she hoped the pigs didn't bother anyone.  Me too!  I've only seen the pigs once, near their barn, but I don't know what keeps them from coming over to our place.  If Puck and I go roaming in the dark to admire the moon this week, we could bump into a pig on a evening visit!  

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