Thursday, April 21, 2016

Lolly Pops and Fruit Trees

The dandelions are going to seed.  Now that the grass has been mowed, the fuzzy white balls are more obvious as they poke above the level plane of cut green stems. 

The day after we mowed I looked over the expanse of green grass, and it was like someone stuck lolly pops in the grass while I was at work.  Fuzzy lolly pops everywhere.

They must be at just the right height for Puck to walk into with his face since he was wearing dandelion fluff in his eyebrows.  

The little cherry tree that I planted in the front yard has a handful of flowers right now.  Does this mean I could get a handful of cherries later?

The apple tree blossoms were a beautiful dark pink. I used the loppers to trim off as many of the little sprouts from the trunk as I could reach, but I find it hard to trim the big branches like I should since they are covered with pretty pink buds and flowers.  

I didn't get more than a handful of apples last year.  The poor performance isn't because the tree isn't tying though, because it's covered in sweet smelling flowers.  

The small peach tree that bloomed so early has lost it's flower petals, but retains these pink sepals and stamens.  Do you think I will get a peach?

The big pear tree only had flowers for a few days before a strong storm blew most the petals off.  There were so many white pear flower petals on our roof that the downspouts poured piles of petals when it rained.  

I was worried that the storm may have ruined the flowers before the bees were finished pollinating, but I think I see tiny pears developing all ready.  The mole that lives at the base of the tree has mounds and tunnels everywhere.  I've been told that moles are natures soil aerators, and they eat grubs, so it's probably good for the tree to have a resident mole.   When we mow the grass under the pear tree we make dirt clouds as the blades of the mower shave the tops off the giant mole mounds.  

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