Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My New Pig Wallow

Miss Piggy and Bugger come for a visit nearly every day.  They munch on grass and lay in the sun and when Bugger gets feeling frisky he half halfheartedly chases roosters.  The pigs took advantage of the wet spot I make when I dump the dirty chicken water every morning and made a small mud hole that they wallow in near the chicken coop.  I have my very own pig wallow!  

Bugger enjoys being scratched.  He loves it so much he flops on his side and stretches out so I can give him a belly rub. Unfortunately, his hair is so wiry and caked with crunchy mud pieces that petting him isn't a very appealing tactile experience.  His nose is cold and wet and he usually has some greenish foam on his lips too, so I'm not sure I should encourage so much familiarity.  I wonder if I could brush him?  With a brush on a long pole...

Aren't his little feet cute though? 

They love the wallow, but maybe offering a mud hole to my piggy guests isn't the best idea.  He's so dirty!  I have to make sure to hang clothes on the line to dry at least pig high so he doesn't walk under them and paint the bottoms of the clothes with his dirty back.  

I caught him scratching his wet mud caked back on the bumper of my car!  My car is never clean, really, but this is the first time I've ever had muddy bumpers from a dirty pig. 

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