Tuesday, April 5, 2016

April Showers and Flowers are Here!

It's early days yet, but if I look closely, there are blooms to be admired.  I admire them, and the bees admire them.  People who like their grass to be just grass probably don't admire them so much, since they are all considered introduced weeds.  

I keep bragging about the blooms on the pear tree, I know, but believe me, it's a floral display worth bragging about.  Especially this early in the spring when there aren't many other flowers to distract me.  The leaves are already big enough that the remaining blooms are diluted with green.  

The yard on the east side of the house is full of purple dead nettle (Lamium purpureum), which makes for a lovely violet cast to the grass and pretty place for Puck to rest.  I read that the stem, leaves, and flowers of this plant are edible, and make a good smoothie.  Maybe I'll give it try!

I could add some dandelion leaves to my smoothie too.  The yellow flowers are really quite pretty if you get down close to the ground and look close.  

Getting down close to the ground to see dandelion flowers makes it easy for Newt to jump on my shoulder and beg for attention!  But look at that grey sky - we better go inside and leave the flowers to their shower.  

It's spring!  It's spring!  Even the storm doesn't dampen my excitement.  The winter was a relatively mild one, I know, but for this recent suburbanite, relocated to this place of cold wind, cold mud, a malfunctioning rocket stove,  I've never been so glad to see the dandelions in bloom.  

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