Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Pigs Come for a Visit

Look who came by for a visit!  I was sure that our neighbors pigs, who they released while they were on vacation, would make the short trip to our house while they had free reign.  I worried about it all week, really, expecting to come home to massive porkers chowing down on chicken food or rooting up the yard, or wondering what would happen if I stumbled upon a pig in the dark.    

I was in the kitchen when I noticed the cat staring intently at something through the window.  When I peaked to see what she was so interested in, I was excited to see it was the pigs!  I shouted at Puck "the pigs are here!" and hurried to grab my camera and pull on my boots.  Puck wasn't sure what I was so excited about, but he immediately started barking and dancing.  What happens when an excited corgi meets two little pigs?  

They love each other, that's what happens!  The pigs were a little stand-offish with me, but I wasn't sure I wouldn't have to chase them away so I didn't get too friendly.  Puck had no fear.  His little tail nub was wagging and he was happy sniffing piggy tails.  The pigs were snorting and wagging their little tails like mad.  Do pigs wag their tails when they are happy?  It seems like they do. 

Puck isn't a big dog, but he was bigger than the little pig.  Actually, now that I see Puck standing with pigs, I realize how many similarities they have!  The pigs were so small that I can't believe I was worried about what would happen if they came.  

Pigs grunting in the wind. 

They seemed mostly interested in chewing on the little pieces a cedar plank that were left in the yard after we used it for grilling salmon.  Otherwise, they just roamed around bumping into each other and grunting.  The little pig was favoring one of his back legs, but I couldn't see an injury.  When the cold wind would blow they would both shiver in the breeze.  Their hair was thin, so it didn't provide much warmth.  What they need are sweaters.  Adorable piggy sweaters!  

Wouldn't Miss Piggy look pretty in a sweater?  It would really bring out her long eyelashes.  I didn't tell her that Brandon said she looked like a giant gerbil.  


Anonymous said...

How do they keep them so small??? My parent always end up with huge pot belly pigs.


rain said...

I don't know. Before I ever met the pigs, the neighbor told me they were supposed to be pot bellied pigs, but that one of them was really big. I imagined something more the size of your parents pig, so I was surprised they were so small. I guess the neighbors thought the pink one one should have been even smaller. The littlest one is a young male. He's probably got plenty of room to grow.

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