Friday, February 3, 2017

The Sun and Sky

I wish you guys could be here as the sun goes down so you could see these sunsets for real.  The sky is so... so... big!  And so colorful!  It's awe inspiring I guess, since I stand there and say "awe, goats - look at that sky!"  They take it for granted.  

I haven't been taking it for granted that my evenings now have daylight to spare.  My funny Shrek-like shadow is even back!  It doesn't last long, but every evening, there is a brief moment when everyone is content because they have that thing that they've been waiting for all day - their dinner.  To have that quiet moment, with all the little heart rhythms of this petting zoo in tune with content, and to have it with sunlight -  it is something to be appreciated, for sure. 

When I pull in to the driveway after being gone to work, the entire flock of chickens and guineas greet me at the car clucking and peeping, just to make sure I don't forget about dinner.  Peaches calls from the gate of her stall, and Rufus brays, just to add a little extra farm ambiance to my return.  For weeks, we've been doing our dinner routine in the fading light, and for a while even by flashlight.  But this week, everyone got their dinner and there was extra daylight for taking walks and playing. Finally, the world is tilting our way.  

The dogs and I scratch hay for the herd from the giant rolls of hay, and then we play fetch or lounge on the tarp that covers the hay while the sun goes down.  On Wednesday, the sky started off blue and purple with a pink center.  

Then turned orange with a yellow sun.  

It won't be long before we can play fetch without my toes going numb from the cold.  Just imagine, sunlight and warmth.  We will be spoiled. 

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