Thursday, February 23, 2017

Practicing Dialogue

The leading character and the love interest...

"You want to go scratching for grains, Cogburn?"

"Sure.  What else is there?"

Mrs. Hall used her long pointed middle toe to peel back the top layer of hay, and then looked him right in the eye.  "We could search for worms in the compost pile," she said.  "There are always lots of worms to eat."

"Yes, worms.  I like worms."

"And then we could scratch in the manure pile, for dessert," she said.

"We could," Cogburn said, as he stretched one dark wing low to the ground and executed a perfect hop and skip in her direction. "But I've got a better idea."



Ashley Shouse said...

How romantic. :)

rain said...

Well, you know how chickens are - always thinking about love! And food. They love food.

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