Thursday, February 2, 2017

Donkey Do?

A friend came for a visit, and was surprised at how small the donkey was.  He said, "oh, I thought you could ride him, but he's too little to ride."  Later, I was asked the donkey do question, again.    What does the donkey do?

The chickens make eggs and meat, so even those of us who haven't discovered the joy of chicken companionship can see a reason why I would have some.  Our goat Peaches, in theory anyway, will be a milk and meat producing animal, so her existence isn't questioned.  Even the River Brothers have a function, since they keep my oh-so-valuable milk making animal happy by being companions and by keeping her warm on cold nights when they all snuggle together.  But what does the donkey do? 

My answer is to make a joke about what good kisses Rufus gives (his kisses really are the warmest and fuzziest!), but Rufus is more than just a good kisser.  What does he do?  He makes doo-doo! Ha! No? 

I like to say Rufus is a pet with perks.  He's personable, and a fun animal training challenge, but his job, which he performs exceedingly well, is to transform grass and weeds into compressed pellets of organic matter that I can use to amend our soil.  When I gardened in our suburban yard, I used to dream of having easy access to heaps of manure.  Now, I don't have to buy it or truck it in, I just scoop it up.  What does Rufus do?  Rufus makes my dreams come true!  

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