Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Too Close

Hey Peaches, say "cheese!"  Ack, back up would ya, you are too close!

Rufus! Not so close, please.  Can you back up, just a little?  

Um.., Light River, are you sure you want a close up of your dirty nose?  I'm not sure snorting the powdered herb up your nose is as effective for worm prevention as eating it would be.  Just saying.

Goofy.  You are so close you look cross eyed.  

Seriously?!  Don't get slobber on the lens!

Woah.  Way too close buddy.  All I'm getting are chin whiskers.  

Not everybody has to be in the same photo, you know.

Where are your ears?!

Okay, Dark River, we can take a picture of just you.  Good goat.    

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