Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Chicken Scotch Challenge

I think we invented a new game!  It's working title is "chicken scotch" but Mrs. Hall and I are still open for suggestions.  The idea for this game came to me as I watched Mrs. Hall walk along the sidewalk where my niece had drawn a hop scotch game using sidewalk chalk.  I thought it was funny to see a chicken on the board, and then I thought it would be even funnier to see if I could get her to step into each square by pitching kernels of corn.  

I quickly realized that there is more skill involved in chicken scotch that I predicted.  First of all, corn kernels bounce, so unless I was extremely close, it was hard to get the corn to land in the square I was aiming for, and secondly, Mrs. Hall wouldn't concentrate on the objective of the game, which is not to stuff your face, but to win, and kept wandering over to corn kernels that were outside the squares.  Focus!  

I gave my self the advantage of not requiring that she step in each square in sequence, but as long as she stepped in each square at least once, then I was on track to game completion.  Once I successfully negotiated the board, I realized that to truly make this a game, I should have timed us to see if we could beat our own time.  Even better, would be challenging someone else to a game, and see if they could beat our best time.  Who wants to play?  

Mrs. Hall is ready to play any time!  

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