Friday, September 19, 2014

Tree Frog and Earthquake Test

Brandon discovered this little pinch of frog on the rim of the dumpster last week, out at the little farm house.  This is the first gray tree frog (Hyla versicolor) that I've seen at the farm.  Normally, these aren't frogs that are easy to see, since they spend most of their time in trees, but for some reason this one was hanging out on the dumpster.

We don't have any permanent bodies of water on our farm, so I can only guess that he was making his way between our forested tree line on the east side of the farm and the neighbors pond on the west side, and thought the dumpster was a nice warm place to take a break. 

Apparently, tree frogs can change their color so the blend into their surroundings.  This one must not have rusty red in his repertoire.  He does look a lighter color in the photos where Brandon has him in his hands, but maybe I'm seeing things.  Look at the first two photos and tell me if you see it too? 

The neatest thing about holding him was the sticky finger pads suction cups.  They really had some grip!  We practically had to pry them off our fingernails.  

Besides having fun with the tree frog last weekend, we also had fun insulating part of the sloped dining room ceiling, and putting up more wood beadboard. Fiberglass insulation isn't loads of fun, but it was a relief when we were finished working with it and got to move on to the wood.  

Well, it was mostly fun.  It wasn't too fun when Brandon gave his mother and I scare by tumbling from the step ladder to the floor.  Fortunately he wasn't hurt because he did a somewhat graceful rolling, groaning, flopping around lumberjack/ninja-like fall before he ended up on his back spread eagle on the floor amid his tools, where he stayed for a few seconds waiting for awareness of injury.  We rushed to his side and stood over him making horrified and concerned faces.  Like any loving wife, I was very concerned and peppered him with questions while he was trying to catch his breath. "Did you break your wrist?! Please, please tell me you didn't break your wrist. I mean, if you've broken your wrist we will never get this house built, and I don't get a goat until the house is finished!  Oh, this is terrible, woe is me!"  

I think it says good things about our carpentry that Brandon can hit the floor so hard it shakes the house, and nothing we nailed up fell down.  Good to know in case there's ever an earthquake, right?     

When Brandon was finished with his little break, he got up and we finished tacking up the last few boards. We had to stop when we ran out of materials, but as you can see from the photo above, which I took from a seated position in the living room, we made some noticeable progress.  

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