Saturday, June 20, 2015

Lima, Peru!

Hola, Lima!  Yesterday was our fist day in Peru, and after planning and preparing for this trip for so many months, I kept having moments of realization throughout the day when I would look around at the beautiful Miraflores District and think - we are really here, at last!  Our big trip is underway, and everything has gone so much more smooth than I could have hoped for.  Even though our flight was delayed in Atlanta, and our arrival was pushed back to after one in the morning, our driver was there to meet us at the airport, and we began our adventure with a breakneck speed drive along the deserted coastal road to our hotel.   

We even think the door to our hotel is cool, so just imagine how amazed we are at the rest of the lovely sights.  

Obviously, we were tired on day one, so we didn't mind having a leisurely breakfast on the patio, and taking in the sounds of the morning city.   

The hotel manager's wife loves plants.  I love plants.  The giant hummingbirds that came to visit love the plants too.  

Breakfast includes Coca tea, which isn't legal at home.  I had a cup so I could see what all the fuss is about.  I didn't notice anything.  This morning I may have to drink two!

There were protesters outside the grocery store we visited to pick up some laundry detergent.  

I'm speed blogging since everyone is waiting on me!  

We realized that this was the first time Brandon has been to the Pacific ocean.  

Pisco sours at lunch, and some sort of purple beverage made from corn.  This is the problem with speed blogging - there's no time remember!  I'm lucky to be able to post anything at all, I know, since the wifi has been unreliable.  But, I had such fun keeping a travel journal on our trip to Spain, I really wanted to at least share my photos and take a few notes so I can remember our trip.  

The dish on the right was called Tacu Tacu Negro (sp?), which is rice and bean cooked with squid ink and topped with calamari and shrimp.  It was delicious, believe it or not.  Everything was delicious.  Our hotel manager recommended the restaurant, and when we arrived there was a short line.  We were encourage to wait it out, especially since they brought out drink samples and food samples while we waited.  When it came time to order our food, a nice lady at the next table came over to ask us if we needed any help with the Spanish menu, and used her excellent English speaking skills to help us order.  How nice is that?!  Everyone has been very friendly.  

We tried ceveche (sp?), which is raw fish in lime juice with corn and onions and a side of sweet potato.  Also surprisingly good!

The shrubbery has flowers!

We ended day one with a walk to the beach, and listened to the rough waves on the stones.  

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