Monday, June 1, 2015

A House Tour in Color

Would you like to take a tour of the farm house?  A tour in color!  I took the photo above from the place where Brandon had me stand and open my eyes for the grand revealing of the green color.  Wow!  I knew he painted the living room walls green, but the green was so much more green than I imagined it would be.  

Travel with me up-stairs, along the big green wall, to the "autumn blaze" that is the upstairs wall color.   

Here, you can see the second story room from the vantage point of the stair way.  It look so different from when we bought the house that it's not recognizable as the same room.  The color is so bold, too.  I'm glad Brandon picked the colors; I wouldn't have been as brave.  

Once at the top of the stairs, look back over your shoulder to the big green wall, the cool "A" shape created by the trim around the ceiling architecture, and see the pendent light fixture at the top of the stairs.  Is anyone else craving watermelon?  

If you step toward the center of the room, and then look back toward the stairs, you can see the wall cubbies that we made for storage on the left.  I'm still working on painting the trim.  

If you look up, you can see the brick and mortar of the chimney peaking from the top of the column in the center of the room.  

When you look to the right, you can see the two night stands Brandon made from the remnants of the closet.  Can you envision the big bed tucked into this nook?  It reminds me of my childhood bed, which was tucked under a slanted ceiling.  Minus the ruffled pink curtain and the Rainbow Brite themed decor, of course.  

Above the bed nook is a repetition of the same "A" shaped architecture as we saw over the stair well, on the other side of the room.  Symmetrical asymmetry?  

Back down the steps to admire the green some more!

From the stairs, you can see the yellow kitchen, and how the yellow meets the left side of the chimney, in the living room, which has green on the other side.  The orange color from upstairs shines through the glass blocks at the top of the room divider.  

Let me finish the yellow paint, so we can get the full effect. Done!

Color is so exciting!  We still have the bathroom, pantry, front room, and all the floors to paint, so the fun isn't over yet.  And lots of trim to paint still.  So much trim...

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