Monday, September 15, 2014

Portrait of Cat in Constant Motion

I know that there are already a bazillion photos of adorable kittens on the interweb, but can the world ever really have too many pictures of adorable kittens?  I think not!  Recently, as I was playing with new Newt, and thinking how cute she was, I decided that I should take a picture of her now, before she outgrows the little kitten look.  You know, for my scrap book blog.  However, I have not been able to get any non-blurry photos of her because she will not hold still

When we first brought her home she was very snugly and still, but she was also scrawny and starving.  Now that she's been fed plenty of kitten chow, she's in constant motion, which makes it very hard for me and my cell phone camera.  You would think, considering cats and kittens are the most represented species on the world wide web, that cell phone manufactures would realize that we all want to take pictures of our cats, and make a special photo setting for this.  I tried to get her to hold still by baiting her to a jar with kiffer residue.  But when I squatted down to frame my shot, she stopped investigating the jar to see what I was up to.  Back up, you are too close!

No, not with your tongue out, silly cat.  

She jumped from the floor to my shoulder, so I thought I might be able to capture her selfie style.  Nope, too wiggly.  

Nope, too much forehead, not enough kitten.

Stop purring and rubbing on my face and just hold still for one second!

Ack, my glasses! No, no, no, I don't want a picture of that end!   

So close... just one more shot and I'll have it...


I finally resorted to holding her in the air with my left hand and trying to take the photo with my right hand.  This is not the cute pose I was hoping for!  Oh well, I'll either have to get a better camera or try again sometime when she's asleep.  

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MA said...

Love is blind.

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