Monday, September 29, 2014

New Brunswick, Aye?

Notice anything strange about the plane that took my two work buddies and I from Toronto to Moncton, in New Brunswick Canada today?  It has propellers!  I can't remember ever riding in a an airplane with propellers before.  Since most of my flying has been on large jets, it was slightly unnerving to get on a relatively small plane like this one.  

The air plane that took us from Cincinnati to Toronto wasn't really any bigger, and now that I've been reminded of propellers, I wonder how this one even flies?  I took it's picture because I liked seeing the maple leaf on the tail fin.  It made me feel like I was really going to Canada.  

My first impression of Toronto?  It's flat.  Really, really flat, and the city spreads out as far as I could see.  I didn't get to leave the airport, of course, so I'm sure there's more to Toronto than flatness, but that was my impression.   

Our destination today, was the town of Alma, near Fundy Bay National Park, where we will be attending a workshop.  For an all day travel day, which started before five in the morning, and didn't end until after nine, it was a pretty good day.  Once we arrived in Moncton, we stopped at this neat store, where they sold all organic and natural foods.  We loaded up on healthy snacks and drinks, and then stopped at the grocery store for fresh fruits.  I'm not sure this will compensate for all the snacks, giant cheese burger, and jumbo beer I had at the airport, but it was a very nice first Canadian shopping experience.   

I wish I had taken a picture of our beautiful food from the Blue Olive, but it was such tasty Mediterranean food that we scarfed it down before I even thought about photos.  We plan to take advantage of all the sea food options we have now that we are near Fundy Bay, so we were happy to find great hummus and Greek salads in Moncton.  

My room at the Fundy Highlands chalets is functional, and clean.  I think it will have lovely views too, but we arrived after dark, and it was cloudy with sprinkles of rain, so we couldn't see anything.  The clerk tells us the weather has been beautiful until today, when it turned cold.  Hopefully over then next few days, we will have some nice weather, and get to do some exploring.  

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