Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sculpture Photography Challenge

I challenged myself to take pretty photos from around the farm that include the tall ceramic sculpture that our artist friend gave us.  I suspect that at least one person doesn't think they like the sculpture very much (hi, mom!).  Maybe I just need to show the sculpture from a more attractive angle.  The one above might be acceptable, since the sculpture is so far away you only know its there if you look for it.  

Does a kitten admiring a pear tree in a field of bronze grass distract you from the tall pink object in the background? 

Look, it's the same color as the pretty pink flowers on the baby peach tree!  What's not to love, right? 

I like this picture because the curled shape of the sculpture mirrors the shape of Newt's tail.  You can't deny that the sculpture gives a nice focal point from certain angles.  

Up close, the poor sculpture doesn't appear to be holding up very well to the outdoor conditions.  Watch out Newt, it looks like it could fall over in the breeze!

The peach tree flowers really are lovely, especially with a tall pink figure in the background.  

It's hard to pay any attention to the sculpture in the background when the pear tree is in full bloom.  This morning the wind and rain was blowing and it looked like it was snowing because there were so many petals blowing in the wind.  The first day the pear tree bloomed, I stepped from my car after work and the buzz of the honey bees visiting the pear tree was so loud I could feel it even before I could isolate where the buzz was coming from.  

I have to take frequent breaks under the tree to appreciate the bees and the perfume of the blooms.  It's very peaceful.  At least until guineas come by to visit!  If you want to see what I mean about guineas disturbing the calm, watch the short clip below.  What a racket!

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