Friday, May 1, 2015

Kites, Climbing, and Stalking the Wild Asparagus

Early this spring I bought one of every kind and color of kite they sold at the Dollar General store.  The most expensive kite was nearly five dollars and had lovely rainbow colors.  It wouldn't fly, but it was pretty.  They least expensive kites were ninety-nine cents, so I bought one of each color.  This may be the best three dollar kite investment I've ever made, because these colorful pieces of plastic will fly even when the wind is gusty and all other kites go diving for the ground.  

Last weekend, when Byron and Shanna and my nieces were at the farm, we all got our pants legs soaking wet by running in the tall grass flying kites in the after storm skies.  

I love that our front field is so perfect for kite flying.  Every time we talk about using this piece of land for pasture or crops in the future, I imagine fence arrangements and crop rotations that still allow for kite flying.  

Ever since I realized that there was a wild asparagus plant growing in the west field last fall, near the driveway, I've been scanning the spring time grass as we arrive at the farm looking for a sign that the asparagus is still there.  Last weekend, I spied a single tall green stalk, and was so excited I made Brandon stop the truck so he could see too. He had to back up a little to get a good view, and then I had to direct his view before he could see it.  At one point,  he asked "are we really sitting in the truck trying to see a single asparagus in an entire field of green?!"  I think his question implied that this was a weird thing to do.  He didn't give up though.

My nieces, on the other hand, showed the proper amount of enthusiasm for stalking the wild asparagus, and when I asked them if they wanted walk down the driveway to hunt for it, they were excited to go, and even brought some snacks for the adventure.  

They didn't even think it was weird when I asked them to pose with the asparagus for a picture!  

They made an attempt at catching butterflies in the butterfly net, but I think my youngest niece may have though the best part was when I asked her to scale the gate to the shed and retrieve the net, so I didn't have to hunt up the gate key.  I have to climb a lot of fences for my job, and I'm always afraid I'm going to break my neck, or worse, break some farmers fence.  She didn't seem to think it was scary at all.  

We checked out the climbing tree my nephew discovered on his last visit, and I think they agreed that there's a lot of club house potential in this location.  Their design ideas didn't involve as many zip lines as his did, but I think with some brainstorming we could come up with something we could all agree on.  

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