Friday, October 31, 2014

Wild Asparagus and Magic Insulation

I'm not tired of taking pictures of the sky when I'm at the farm house, so brace your self for a future of fluffy clouds and streaking sunsets.  Last weekend, as Puck and I took a walk down the long driveway to turn the water on to the house, the sky was magnificent.  My cell phone camera takes awesome panoramic photos too, but I haven't figured out how to post them on this blog.  Let me know if you have any advise.  

I volunteered to walk down to the water meter because I wanted to get a close up view of some wispy vegetation I spotted in the lower west field.  Could it be...?

Asparagus!  I was chasing the wild asparagus, at last!  I also found a small patch in another field, once I realized I should look for it.  I hope I remember in the spring so I can steal some stalks for the grill.  

It's strange to look at these photos, which are only a week old, and realize that the world was recently so green.  Now the trees and the fields are golden yellow and brown.  In the photo above you can see how long our walk to the water meter is.  Just imagine, someday soon, we can wash our hands without first having to take a long walk!  I might miss it.  

Am I tired of insulation?  Yes.  But I still get excited when we fill in some of the major gaps, like the kitchen wall in the photo above.  Notice that the kitchen ceiling is not insulated in the photo.  

Then, like magic, it has insulation!  I wish the process was more like waving a magic wand and less like straining with my arms over my head and getting fiberglass in my sweaty skin.  I guess that's the appeal of hiring someone else do messy jobs like this.  I recently had a conversation with a friend who was trying to persuade me to hire someone to do the drywall instead of doing it ourselves.  His argument was that it would save us the trouble, probably look better, and it wouldn't be that expensive.  Ha!  It doesn't matter how inexpensive it is when you compare it to not paying for labor.  

I agree that a professional will do it faster though, if we could even get someone to actually show up. We hired someone to install the metal roof since we don't like heights, and we tried to get someone to give us an estimate for some gas line work but he never called us back after we repeatedly tried to get something from him.  We even had someone give us an estimate for electrical work, and then couldn't get them to come do the job.  While waiting for them to come, Brandon figured out how to do it himself.   I think there must be a shortage of handymen in the world, because no one seems to want to work on projects of this scale.  Oh well, more for me I guess.  

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