Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  Unlike last year, when we went all out on our viking party raiding party costumes, this year the most fun I've had with Halloween frivolity is to take goofy selfies wearing the plastic teeth my dentist gave me as a reward for good behavior during visit.  I like the one above because I look especially deranged with my googly eyeballs!  

Maybe it was the Novocaine that prompted me to stand in the back yard and howl with the dog?!

Watch out Mrs. Hall, I'm going to suck your blood!  She was not amused.  

Wait, are these Dracula teeth, werewolf teeth, or confused cave woman teeth, because I can't tell? 

Who needs laughing gas when the shear relief from being released from the dentist chair can induce this sort of behavior!  

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