Monday, April 14, 2014

Kite Attack on A Perfect Day

This scene from the front field at the farm house on Saturday looks innocent, doesn't it?  Bright blue sky, colorful kite, waving sprigs of tall golden grass, all with a picturesque back drop of rolling country side.  Don't be deceived, this was the scene of a brutally hilarious kite attack!  Luckily the event was captured on video and cleverly edited by my friend so we can all have a good laugh at Brandon's expense.  Enjoy the short clip below.  I've enjoyed it over and over again!  

Make sure you watch it with your sound turned on, because half the fun is listening to Brandon's squeals.  

It really was a perfect day.  During the early part of the evening, the wind was gusty, which made trying to fly the Dollar Store kite very challenging (and dangerous!), but we made sure to take frequent breaks to enjoy beer and admire the buzzing of the bees in the blooms of the pear tree.  

Even with the strong gust of wind, we managed a few good runs with the kite.  Almost all the string was unwound and the big eyed alien in his saucer wasn't discernible on the kite because it was so high in the sky.  

Of course we had a few failed attempts with the kite too, like when we tangled it in the power line, or got it stuck in the pear tree.  Fortunately, the calming influence of the pear tree blossoms (or the beer?) would encourage us to retrieve the kite and try again after we took a short break.   

Pretty, pretty pear tree!  

By the time the sun was going down, and the moon had risen in the sky, the wind stopped gusting, and we had some really great kite flying conditions.  In the photo above, the tiny black speck in the top right corner is the kite, which Brandon is flying higher than the moon!  

The sunset was gentle that night, but it made a wonderful back drop for the kite and I considered just lying down in the field and watching the kite soar until it was too dark to see.  A perfect day.  

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