Tuesday, November 1, 2016

All About Animals

A friend of mine met a great Pyrenees dog recently, and he was told that it weighed a hundred a fifty pounds!  Oh my.  Wendigo recently had a trip to the vet to be spayed, and at just over six months old, she weighed forty-eight pounds.  She has the sweetest nature, thank goodness, because she is a lot of dog already.  She loves to be loved, and seems happy to let Puck take the lead, even though he barely reaches her knees.  She has a nice deep bark that's she's learning to use when cars pull into the driveway or anything out of the ordinary happens that she thinks we should know about.   

Another friend of mine said he thought of me when he was watching Charlette's Web with his kids. All those animals in the same barn brought to mind our little barn, crammed full of fuzzy animals.  I like that comparison.  The animals in Charlette's barn seemed happy with their home.   I like the picture above because I can see the goats in the distance, the donkey in his stall, my pretty white farm puppy, and some of my flock, all interested in my work of cleaning dirty bedding from the goat stall.  The chickens, in particular, really understand how exciting it is to have cart loads of urine soaked hay for the garden compost.  Thank you goats!

Do you get bored with so many posts and pictures about my animals?  I scrolled through my recent blog posts, and I realize how much I dwell on my new animal friends.  But, so much of my free time and though it dedicated to figuring out how to keep them happy and healthy, that it's what's on my mind, in my photo album, and what spills into this journal.  There are other aspects to my life, I'm sure, I just can't remember what they are right now because I'm... awe.... look at Rufus!  He looks like he's meditating.

When I sat down on the ground to join his meditations, he laid down and stretched is face toward me so I could pick a bur from his cheek.  I've never laid down with a donkey before, have you?

Hello, Peaches.  You're looking stylish with your fancy sheep halter.  She loves her halter because it means she gets to come outside of the fence and eat fresh weeds and grass.  

I've started letting the River boys come out of the pasture while I have Peaches on a leash.  So far, they stick near Peaches and I, and when it's time to go back to their stall they follow us right in.  On their first day Wendigo was so excited that they were free that she wouldn't stop jumping up and down near them trying to entice them to play.  They didn't want to play, and Dark River rammed her in the side.  It wasn't until I saw her go sprawling in the grass that I remembered that she recently had surgery, and getting rammed by a goat was probably on the list of things I wasn't supposed to let her do.  She had to get rammed once more before she started taking them seriously, but I think she's figured out that if she will stay seated or lay down, the goats calm down and ignore her.  She sometimes learns things the hard way, but at least she learns, right?  

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