Monday, March 9, 2015

104 Degree View

I thought that I would be tired of taking pictures of the snow after the first few forays, but when the sun came out full force, I couldn't resist the bright white and the dark blue shadows, and trampled around the yard in Brandon's rubber boots exploring and taking more pictures of the fluffy snow.  

On the first day of the deep snow, I was hesitant to make trails and foot prints because I didn't want to mar the view.  After two days of being mostly inside looking at the pretty snow, I had my fill, and Puck and I tracked everywhere we wanted with no worries.  It was so nice to be standing outside in the sun.  Even with the deep snow, I could tell it was spring.  The birds are singing and the buds on the trees are swollen.  It's past time to plant some spring crops, like peas.  

I recently posted pictures of the back porch, with the wisteria climbing the pergola.  But, once Brandon shoveled the snow from the lid so we could enjoy the snow from a toasty one-hundred-and-four degree soak, I realized I wasn't showing the wisteria and pergola from their best angles.  To really appreciate the wisteria, you have to view it from the vantage point of inside the hot tub.  

This is the view from the hot tub if you look to the right.  Right now, with the snow outlining each branch, it is a beautiful structure when seen from below.  

This is the view to the left.  A wild grape has grown through the lattice and climbs over the top of the pergola to tangle with the wisteria branches in the center.  

And if I lean my head back to rest on the edge of the hot tub, I can see the sun and bright sky peaking through the tangle.  It's extra fun when a bird lands in the branches and knocks snow down on our heads.  

As much as I like the way the wisteria looks in the snow, or when it has flowers and leaves, I do not think I will have anything over the hot tub when we relocate it to the farm.  All though I appreciate the privacy, I do not appreciate the dropped leaves and bird droppings that rain down from above.  We keep a tarp over the hot tub lid, so it's not hard to hose off, but I did not anticipate how much cleanup the pergola and wisteria would necessitate.  Also, now that the wisteria is so dense, I miss seeing the stars.  

It's nice to have a roof that allows the sun to shine through.  


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