Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fist to Fist with the Savage Fury of Wendigo!

Watch out, Mr. Fox, the chickens have a ferocious guard dog on their side now!  Wendigo, our new puppy is here to protect us.  

The fox will be shaking in his socks, right?  Just look at the scary gleam in her eye.  

So far, every animal she meets is someone to play with.  Including pigs and sharp clawed cats.  She's  not ready to face the fox until she's acquired the appropriate guard dog attitude though.  And maybe gained a few pounds.  

She's brave.  I tried not to panic when I saw her walk right up to Bugger, the neighbors male pot bellied pig who came to take a bath in the chicken's water dish.  They seemed to hit it off right away.  

She's named after the savage Wendigo from the marvel comics.  We're hoping the fox will be so intimidated by her that it will never have to go fist to fist the the savage fury of Wen-di-go!

She's a Great Pyrenees puppy, and could grow waist high and weigh up to one hundred and twenty pounds.  Oh my.  We love Puck for his house and travel sized stature.  Wendigo will live outside, and if we go on vacation, I'm hopeful that she will stay home and keep on eye on things for us.  

I haven't had a puppy for over a dozen years.  If she's not playing, she's sleeping.  She's already a good garden helper.  She's good at playing tug of war with my garden gloves, and good at eating my bean seeds before I can plant them.  She's not afraid to get her paws dirty either, so she doesn't hesitate to walk all over the baby plants or roll in the mulch.  It's a good thing she's adorable.  

She came from a mountain farm in eastern Kentucky, and Brandon was able to meet both of her parents and her older brother.  Brandon said they were dirty, with tangled hair and as happy as any dogs he ever met.  They demanded affection, and were so big no one in their right mind would deny them!  Wendigo came with her own colony of fleas.  She let me brush the dirt from her hair and treat her with flea medicine.  I've been warned that I need to get her used to being brushed while she's young because her hair will be long and will tangle.  

She's so cute, that even after she rolled in a mud puddle, she's fun to play with.  

My youngest niece said Wendigo was hard name to remember, and something like Snow Flake would be easier.  We all agreed that she's more fun to play with than Puck, who never did enjoy being touched by kids.  Puck hasn't succumbed to her cuteness yet, but I can tell that Wendigo is persistent.  I don't think it will be long before I'll catch them playing together.  Who could resist a puppy?

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