Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I Can Make Angel Food Cake

Did I tell you that I know how to make angel food cake?!  I do!  The last thing we needed, really, is for me to learn how easy it is to make a angel food cake, but with all the eggs we have, it was inevitable.  

Despite all the ways we found to eat eggs (even on pizza!), they were starting to pile up in cartons, baskets, bowls, and bags, so it was time to try the angel food cake.  

I perused several recipes and decided to try one using orange extract.  It smells wonderful, and gives the cake a slightly citrus taste.  

The best part of this cake is getting to separate all those egg whites from the yolks.  It takes a cup and half of egg whites, which is around a dozen eggs.  

I haven't figured out how to use the yolks yet, but the chickens like to eat them, so it's like recycling.  

The stand mixer works like magic to turn the whites into fluff.

The flour and sugar are supposed to be sifted multiple times, and then folded into the egg fluff.  It gets baked in a tube pan for about forty-five minutes, starting with cold oven.  


The problem with this cake is that it's so light and fluffy, it seems there's no point in not eating the whole thing!  


MA said...

Looks good! Brandon can use the yolks to make paint.

rain said...

I never thought of that! Good idea.

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