Tuesday, July 26, 2016

With the Kids

A friend and coworker of mine keeps his horses just down the road from our house.  I've never been to visit his horses before, but when I found out our nieces and nephew were coming for a visit, I asked if it would be okay for us to bring apples for them.  I imagined we would stay safely on the opposite side of the fence and hand the apples slices through to the eager horses.  

The horses did not cooperate, and wouldn't approach the fence for a bunch of strangers in floppy hats.  We weren't defeated though, and bravely hopped the gate and approached the horses with our apple offerings.  Horses are big, and nieces and nephews look quite small once they are mingling with three strange horses in close proximity!

I tried not to show my fear of accidental trampling or intentional biting, and the kids didn't seem to have much fear to suppress.  The big male horse was greedy, and didn't want to share any apple slices with the other two.  He even tried to take the whole pail of apples with his teeth!  We tried to keep him pacified by stuffing apples in his mouth as fast as we could.  Once the apples were gone two of the horses wandered off, but the big male horse tried for a majestic departure by turning fast on his back feet and galloping away.  He sort of ruined the majestic effect though, because he farted really loud as he leaped away.  Ha!  We laughed the whole way home.  

It was an action packed day, starting with hot dogs and sprinklers, and followed by picking blackberries.  The wild blackberries the grow on the farm are small and tart, but with all of us picking there was enough for a cobbler.  It feels like summer with blackberry cobbler.  

We even braved the heat to plant some beans among the corn and sunflower plants in the garden.  

I don't usually bring any toys or actually climb into the coop when I get the eggs, but maybe I should because it seemed great fun!  This stupid sock creature was found by my elder niece in it's unfinished state, so we escaped the heat to finish it's lips and add some eyes and earrings.  I owe the younger niece a sock creature now, and she's not likely to let me forget!

We got to sit out an intense thunderstorm while we sewed, and after the storm we had a perfect rainbow!

The sunset after a storm is always spectacular too.  

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