Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I Made a Hat!

I did it, I knitted a hat!  A blue hat with a fuzzy pom pom on the top.  I've never knitted before, so I wasn't sure I could pull it off, but just look at it - it's a hat!  A funny looking hat, for sure, with lots of flaws, but still, considering it's my first knitting project, I'm giving myself lots of high fives.  I have to give them to myself, because all I'm getting from Brandon and Jamie is teasing.  Does it really look that funny?  

I took my newly finished hat outside for a trial run, and took some selfies so I could see what is triggering all the teasing when I put it on.  Okay, so maybe I get the Mrs. Bennett references, especially when I peak over my glasses like this...and maybe my head does look a tad lumpy, bulbous, and asymmetrical... and maybe there are a few drafty spots.  It's nice and warm though.  

Somehow the hat is too big and too little at the same time. I had to weave a strand of yarn through the edge so I could cinch it into a smaller shape to keep it from falling off my head, which is why it has a tangled knot in the back, and because the hat is a little short, when I wear my hair in a bun it doesn't come down over my ears.  But, it's a pretty color.  

A friend of mine, who has done a little knitting, seemed concerned that I didn't start with a scarf or a pot holder before I attempted a hat.  I really wanted a hat though, so I bought some needles that are connected to each other with a wire so I could knit in a circle, and after a few YouTube tutorials about how to do a basic knit stitch, and some trial and error, I just went for it.  True, it would be a more symmetrical hat, and fit better too, if I had followed a pattern, but making the stitches seemed way easier than understanding the short hand abbreviations in the patterns I had access to.  

Once the hat was off the needles, I could tell that it needed a little something to top it off so I cut some cardboard donuts and wrapped them with yarn so I could make a pom pom.  

Once the card board was wrapped up good, I cut along the edge with scissors.  

Then slid a string between the cardboard layers, taking care not to drop the short segments of yarn that were stuck in the hole in the cardboard.  

Here you can see how I tied the bits of string together, then pulled it from the cardboard circles.  

Look, everybody!  I have a puff ball on a string!  

The cats weren't the only ones who thought this was a spectacular trick.  I may make more hats just so I have an excuse to make more pom poms.  


Anonymous said...

Where Did You Get That Hat?

Now how I came to get this hat
Tis very strange And funny:
Grandfather died and left to me,
His property and money.
And when the will it was read out,
They told me straight and flat;
If I would have his money,
I must always wear his hat!

Where did you get that hat?
Where did you get that tile?
Isn't it a nobby one,
And just the proper style?
I should like to have one
Just the same as that!
Where e'er I go they shout:
"Hello! where did you get that hat?"

If I go to the op'ra house,
In the op'ra season;
There's some one sure to shout at me,
Without the slightest reason.
If I go to a "chowder-club,"
To have a jolly spree;
There's some one in the party,
Who is sure to shout at me:-Chorus.

At twenty-one I thought I would
To my sweetheart be married;
The people in the neighborhood
Hail said too long we'd tarried.
So off to church we went right quick,
Determined to get wed;
I had not long been there,
When the parson to me said:-Chorus.

rain said...

Great song! I listened to a recording on YouTube, and now it's permanently stuck in my head!

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