Thursday, March 5, 2015

Let It Snow. I Have Real Cookies

We were warned of the snow and ice that are now falling outside, and one of the many things I needed to do before we became snowed in, again, was to acquire the ingredients for some almond cookies that my friend made and let me sample.  This is an indication of the excitement I had for making these cookies - I braved the grocery on a day when the entire population of the city was on a frantic quest to stock their larders before the snow arrived.  Eggs, bread, and milk for everyone!  What is it about snow that makes us crave french toast?  

I just stepped outside to see the snow, and was surprised to see we've already received several inches, and the snow is still falling fast.  

When my friend told me that she discovered a cookie recipe that uses almond flour and other healthy ingredients, and still tasted good, like a real cookie, I was interested.  When she gave me some cookies to try, I was convinced.  These cookies are amazing, even though they do not have any flour or white sugar.  You can find the exact recipe here, but I made the same changes my friend made, and used half coconut oil and half grass fed butter, chocolate chips, pecans, and sucanat.  I've never used sucanat before.  It's dried cane sugar, and there are claims that it has more nutrient content, like vitamin B6,  than process white sugar.  You can see in the picture above that it is tiny round crystals, and they taste like crunchy molasses.  It makes great cookies.  

The recipe calls for an egg.  I decided to use this green egg from one of mom's chickens.  Can't tell that it's green?  

It looked very green to my naked eye, but in the photo is only really looked green when compared to a brown eggs.  

I mixed the coconut oil and butter with the sucanat, and then added the pretty green egg.  As you can see, the yolk from mom's eggs is a vibrant orange color.  I couldn't resist taking it's picture, but it was about the time I found myself trying to capture my reflection in the shiny egg yolk that I realized I needed to put the camera down on focus on these cookies!

I was so excited about these cookies because they don't have any flour, or any combination of weird and hard to find flours like so many flour-less cookie recipes do.  Any one who has ever tried to make wheat free baked goods understands the struggles of trying to blend various alternative flour like substances in a way that is completely satisfying.  Sometimes the results are quite tasty, but it's never exactly as good as a real cookie. Until now.  And all these cookies need is almond meal and a little salt and baking soda.  So easy!

I haven't baked anything that wasn't a protein bar since Christmas, so having warm cookies from the oven was a real treat.  My cookie box is was full, but it won't be that way for long, especially since I predict none of us will be heading off from home anytime soon. Let it snow!


Anonymous said...

No fair, Rain. We probably won't be seeing you guys tonight and you baked cookies!!


rain said...

The only way to make it up to you is to make more cookies!

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