Saturday, March 7, 2015

Filing Seeds

I mentioned recently that I sorted through my garden seeds.  Well, I did better than sort them, I filed them.  They are in real drawers with labeled folders, and are arranged semi-alphabetically and everything.  For the first time, I feel like there is a chance my annual attempt to get my seeds organized has at least half of a chance of being helpful.  

Thank goodness for snow days, right?  While Brandon worked on his leather project on one end of the table, I spread all my seeds on the other half of the table.  I have a wealth of seeds, but most of them are well past the recommended planting date.  I going to get to be generous with my seeds this year, since I need to use up the old ones and I'm sure the number of viable seeds is reduced.  

I've tried different organization techniques over the years.  Eventually, I ended up with a motley collection of tins, baskets, and boxes, and from one year to the next couldn't remember what was in each without having to open them all.  When I decided it was time to re-asses the situation, Brandon offered up two small metal card catalog drawers that he found at a junk store years ago.  I cut manila envelopes to the right size, and created a seed catalog.  

I had fun drawing little pictures of each vegetable.  When Brandon saw me sketching cabbages, he asked me if I anticipate forgetting how to read in the near future.  Ha!  Once I started making the drawings, I couldn't stop, but since I thought most of my little drawings were cute I kept it up no problem.  

A few of my drawings weren't so cute, despite my good and wholesome intentions.  The onion drawing turned out so weird I was embarrassed by it, and if it hadn't made us laugh so hard that I cried, I would have eliminated the evidence.  

Apparently I've been buying some of the same kinds of vegetables nearly every year, and keeping all the old seed packets to.  The filing drawer is helpful to see what I have already.  

I didn't realize how many flowers seeds I had until I realized there were enough for their own drawer.  

I didn't completely eliminate the need for my baskets and tins, since some of my harvested seeds are in odd shaped bags and jars, but overall, I feel much more organized and as soon as all this snow melts, I'll be ready to begin the spring garden.  I'm more than ready.

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