Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Big Puppy

Our puppy is getting so big!  Wendigo is almost four months old now, and until recently, she's rarely had to be alone.  But Brandon's summer break is over, so she is home by herself from when he leaves for work until I get home.  

Puck stays home while we are at work too, but he stays in the house enjoying the air conditioning and a dog bed filled with memory foam.  Wendigo sleeps in the shade - on weeds and dirt.  It doesn't seem quite fair, does it?   

Puck thinks it's very fair.  After all, Wendigo gets to have legs!  Wendi's long legs don't intimidate Puck at all.  He makes sure she knows she can't just walk all over him whenever she wants.  It won't be long before she will be able to step right over him.   

Our good neighbor says he shot a fox that was after his chickens, not long after we imprisoned our flock behind an electric fence.  Since we've had weeks of fox free living, and our fox induced anxiety has finally begun to fade, the dogs and I let the chickens out in the evenings so we can enjoy their company.  We've missed hanging with the flock.  

Wendigo tries to play with the hens, just like she tries to play with Puck or the cat, but so far no one else thinks being jumped and slobbered on is very much fun.  The four young chickens that were hatched here at home are still able to squeeze through the holes in the electric fence, so they roam where they will, and sleep in the coop where we put Wendigo's dog house.  I think it's cute that Wendi sleeps with chickens each night. I also think it's a good test for me to know how much I can trust her with the birds.  So far, everyone is still alive when we open the door in the morning.  

Sleepy puppy.  

I've always heard people say that puppies with big feet would grow to be big dogs.  Just look at the size of those back feet!  

I've never seen a dog try to catch rain drops by mouth before.  She's much better at it than I am!  If I squirt water at her while I'm in the pool, she can catch it.  My dog is a genius, right?  

Brandon and I laugh at our big scary guard dog, because we think she might be a coward.  The neighbor tipped her over so he could pet her belly and she cried and peed all over herself.  When the big truck delivered the sand for the pool, she hid behind the barn and cried until we coaxed her out.  She's quick to tuck her tail between her legs and run for it if anything startles her.  She tried to play pounce on a guinea, and one of the males flew at her and pulled her hair.  She cried and rolled on her back. It's a good thing she's going to be big.  Maybe the foxes won't find out she's a wimp.   

She finds ways to get dirty every day.  Her fur is magic though, because she goes to bed dirty and wakes up looking clean.  How does she do that? 

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