Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Freezing Bountiful Corn

Even though our own garden is less than bountiful with human food so far, thanks to generous friends and gardeners, we've been gifted a bounty of corn and cucumbers.  

Brandon and I were having grilled corn for as many meals as we could, but we weren't making much of a dent in our pile of cobs.  Time to test out my new kitchen for bulk food preservation!  Exciting, right?  

The cats were very interested in my pile of husks, and couldn't understand why I didn't do that messy job outside.  I've never loved my air conditioner as much as I have for the past two weeks.  It's so hot outside, and humid!  Like a sweaty jungle.  The windows are dripping with moisture every morning.  It rains a little every day, and sometimes the sun glares while it's raining!  It's steamy out there, cats, so I'm husking corn in the air conditioning and watching the jungle grow through the windows.  

I remember my father-in-law cutting corn from the cob and cooking it with margarine before filling freezer bags.  

I cooked mine briefly with some butter and a few onions and a red pepper.  If I remember, my father-in-law's corn was creamier, I think, but this corn is very tasty.  Maybe I was stingy with the butter?  

I've been sneaking corn into all our meals.  Even adding it to soups, beans, or just as a side dish to sandwiches.  All sandwiches get cucumber slices these days!

I froze the corn in pint sized freezer bags.  Now I can thaw, heat, and serve - how handy!  The kitchen handled this messy food preservation task with ease.  Next up - pickles.

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