Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tractor Toys

I have day dreams about rotational grazing and pasture management.  I'm not joking.  I think about this stuff all the time, but until the time comes to turn my attention in a serious way towards using all of our new bounty of grass, we are just letting it do it's thing.  Lately, Brandon has been obsessed with becoming independent when it comes to our grass.   Not that either one of us is lawn crazy, as is very obvious from our normally shaggy carpet, but we also don't want to ruin our pastures from neglecting to mow them, even if mowing isn't part of my ideal long term management plan.   Besides, figuring out how to mow all this grass is a fun challenge that comes with neat toys... I mean equipment. 

This means we get a tractor!  It's an old tractor, and a baby tractor, but it still has that tractor paint color and those big tractor tires.  It's nearly as old as I am, and was only made to have eighteen horsepower, but it's been in the family a long while, and we feel lucky to get to use it.  

It comes with some attachments.  There are two blue attachments, an orange one, and several red ones.  I have no idea what the blue ones are for, but I'm excited to have them. 

The orange one is a tiller, which may be the best part of having a tractor on the farm.  It looks like someone tilled up a chain at some point, so I hope it still works. 

One of these red attachments is a plow, but I'm not sure what the spade shaped one on the left does.

So the tractor has this spinning knob, to which attachments with spinning parts, such as tillers, and mower blades, can be attached. 

The warning on one of the attachments demonstrates how flexible you must be to connect a piece of equipment to your tractor, but it doesn't warn of smashed fingers, which was part of our first experience with tractor attachment attaching. 

We borrowed a bush hog, but unfortunately it was to big for our tractor, so we had to buy a trail mower.  Is it weird that I think it's cool that I can now say, "The bush hog is with the tractor in my barn."?  Three things I've never been able to claim before! 

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