Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Countertop Livestock

It was time to rack the cranberry/grape/raisin wine, and to take the the pear/prune/clove wine out of the crock and off the fruit. This is the second cranberry based wine I've made, and I think this one is going to be better than the first, which was drinkable, and maybe even enjoyable if you mixed it with some sprite and told yourself it was sangria.  I'm hoping the grapes and raisins will add something to the final taste other than just the tartness of the cranberries. Its a little early to say for sure, but the pear wine tastes weird. Maybe cloves weren't a very good idea.

I think I prefer making wine and other fermentations in the winter, on cold dark evening like tonight. I get a feeling of accomplishment similar to that of growing food in the summer. The gist of the chores is the same - making sure they are alive and have food, making sure that they have a comfortable temperature, checking their progress and tending to the ferment. Maybe its more like having livestock in the house. Quiet, gassy, and invisible livestock.

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