Saturday, January 26, 2013

Which Comes First?

This incubator, with six eggs from moms hens (hopefully fertile ones), currently sits behind my office chair.  It has an automatic egg turner so I don't have to turn the eggs twice a day.  Folks around the office have ceased to be surprized by it.  Some have even put the due date (Feb. 4) on their calenders so they can be here for the hatch.  My chicken partner, whose office is accross the hall from me, used this incubator when he was a kid in 4H.  It hasn't been used since then, so I had a disapointing first try at hatching eggs before I realized that the old thermometer was bad.  Unfortunatly, I was so gung ho that I order 32 eggs online and wasted nearly a hundred dollars on eggs that I then killed. 

Or maybe I didn't kill them they just didn't develop.  Hmm...These were not intended for breakfast, they were intended to be chickens, so I feel like I killed them when they didn't hatch, but I don't feel like a murderer when whipping up an omelet.  Of course, I don't feel like a murderer when ripping the guts out of a chicken that was walking around a minute ago either, so maybe it's just me!
So, this time I'm sticking to 6 free eggs for a trial run.  Yesterday I used my desk lamp and cardboard box with a hole in it to "candle" a few of the eggs and I think I could see developing chicks.  Should I pull this off, I can make new chickens every 21 days.  It's like magic! 

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