Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's All Apple Blossoms and Rainbows

While Brandon and I were working on the little farm house this weekend, we experienced some terrific downpours.  We managed to get our clothes soaking wet by making a mad dash to close the truck windows and rescue the dog, which resulted in some topless drywall sanding on my part.  The isolation of the farm might inspire me to do more chores without being properly attired, but I'm taking drywall sanding off the list now that I've tried it.  It turns out that shirts are great for keeping dust out of places is doesn't belong!  

Not only did the rain allow me to explore a nudist experience, but it made the most perfect double rainbow.  As soon as the clouds lifted and the sun beamed down I knew to look for the rainbow and I scrambled to find a sweatshirt so I could run outside and admire it.  A true nudist wouldn't have needed the sweatshirt, I'm sure.  

Do you remember the Care Bears, from the 1980's?  The Care Bear Stare was used by the bears to make cold hearted bad guys feel love.  In the cartoon, when the bears stood in a row and turned on the stare, a rainbow would shoot from their bellies onto the person who needed an attitude adjustment.  Rainbows do lift the heart.  I made sure to stand at the end of the rainbow and get a good dose of love.  

When I shared some pictures of the rainbow, Shanna said she always thinks of this clip when she see's a double arch.  I think that guy had a rainbow overdose!

It wasn't just the rainbows that were fantastic.  The entire sky was a rolling mass of clouds.

As the clouds moved across the sky the rainbow began to fade, and the last little tip ended by the apple tree.  

The apple tree was the most spectacular the day before the big storm, on Saturday.  The leaves were still small, so the thousands of flowers made the entire tree look white when viewed from a distance.  

I've never seen it with so many flowers before.  I wish you could have stood under the branches with me and got a whiff of that aroma.  It was wonderful!

Each petal has a faint wash of pink.  

This tiny bud may be my favorite photograph.  

From inside the house, the apple tree took center stage when looking through the big door window that installed in the kitchen.  

It won't be long before the sink will be installed too.  We ran out of paint before we could finish, but it's so close!

I have sanded the drywall downstairs, and half of the seams upstairs.  It's hard work, especially when I start gasping from the effort and I have the dust mask on.  Brandon tells me I should think of it as practice for our high altitude hike this summer.  If that's what it's going to be like to hike with low oxygen, I'm going to need to take a break every two minutes!

Brandon nearly finished building the shelves in the little cubby space upstairs at the top of the steps.  This space was walled off before, but I think it's going to be very valued storage in this small house.  

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