Friday, April 10, 2015

Puck the Sheddy Bear

Before I was in a position to own a dog, I took many informational journeys on the internet reading about different breeds of dogs and day dreaming about what my dog was going to be like.  I read about different breeds, their different behaviors, their pros and cons.  I considered rescuing a mutt, especially since the great doggy loves of my life have all been mutts.  But, knowing that I was going to allow the dog in the house, have a smallish yard, and would be traveling for work, I wanted a dog that I was sure would be easily portable.      

Everything I read about corgi's seemed perfect.  Smart, compact, low maintenance, friendly, good with other animals, too short to jump on the furniture, and as adorable as a living Teddy Bear.  There are scores of people on the interweb bragging about their corgi, and when they list the cons of corgi ownership the only things that stood out to me was that they could be bossy and that they shed.  All dogs shed, right?  

Maybe I was reading with dog love blinders, but I feel like folks could have been a little more specific about the shedding issue!  This isn't just shedding, it's constant hair deposition!  Don't get me wrong, I don't have any regrets, but someone could have taken pictures of the amount of hair that can come off a corgi in just a few minutes so people like me can be prepared.  

I hope this blog serves as a public service for anyone else considering a corgi.  Be prepared!  This is what it looks like to run your fingers through a corgi coat for a few seconds.  If I spend a few minutes at it, it looks like someone sheared a sheep and let the hair blow away in the wind.  Not only are the soft undercoat hairs numerous, but the stiffer overcoat hairs are cork screw shaped, so they can burrow themselves into fabric and stick there, no matter how many sticky roller papers you dedicate to the task.  Needless to say, I no longer have any carpet in my house.  Because we let Puck ride in the cab of our truck, I'm always embarrassed if someone else needs a ride.  When deciding what type of car to buy, my number one wish was for a car that would allow Puck to ride in the trunk instead of the back seat.  So, is a corgi portable?  Yes, but at the risk of the upholstery.  

Yes, I'm talking about you, Puck.  

Brandon makes a joke that Puck sheds twice a year, and each shed takes six months.  Only other corgi owners laugh at this.

Puck is all the things the people on the interweb said he would be, including bossy and sheddy.  He's like an adorable Sheddy Bear!


MA said...

He is the best dog I have ever met.

rain said...

I'm glad you think so, since you are one of his favorite people.

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