Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pork Fat on My Shoulder

On mornings when I have to leave for work before the sun is up, I ask Brandon to feed the chickens once they are awake.  Because Pork Fat has found a new defensive strategy, which involves flying onto my head when Mrs. Hall chases her, I couldn't wait to hear from Brandon when I asked him to give the ladies their breakfast one morning this week.  It wasn't long before I got a text - Porkfat certainly makes feeding more interesting. Ha!  The problem with having a chicken fly onto my head, is that chickens are not graceful flyers.  She normally waits until I have my back turned, and then a noisy flapping and squawking chicken is trying to find purchase on my head or shoulder.   It scares me every time, which makes me laugh, which does not discourage her from doing it.   

Mrs. Hall and June are good chickens. If they can fly, they have never tried landing on me, and they are both making pretty eggs now.  

I recently scoured the yard looking for hidden Pork Fat eggs, and didn't find any.  I tried encouraging her by showing her Mrs. Hall's eggs.  See, Pork Fat, this is what you are supposed to be doing, not flying on my head!


Anonymous said...

"Me thinks the lady protests too much!" C'mon Rain, admit it, you're getting attached.


rain said...

I'll admit I'm a little attached despite all her irritating habits. My new approach to get her to stop flying on me is to catch her and toss her in Mrs. Hall's direction. I'm hoping that she will get over the idea that I'm going to save her.

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