Friday, February 13, 2015

A Golden Dog and House Progress

Sunday was Puck's twelfth birthday.  To celebrate, Brandon cooked him his very own piece of bacon for breakfast.  I'm not sure he understood the significance of this gift (that was my bacon!), since he swallowed it in a single bite and then continued to beg for more.   An online dog age calculator tells me that twelve dog years is equivalent to sixty-four in human age.  Once we arrived at the farm, Puck and I took a long walk through the fields and admired the way the color of his fur matches the golden broom sedge waving in the wind.  At sixty-four, he's a golden dog beginning his golden years.  

He may be older, but he is not more dignified!  He rolled ecstatically in something smelly in the grass, which left him upside down in in a very Winnie the Pooh Bear pose.  Oh, bother.    

Puck is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  I once shopped online for a t-shirt with a corgi, and there were numerous shirt options that featured corgi butts with slogans like "Nothin' Butt Corgi, Corgi Butts Drive Me Nuts," and " I Heart Corgi Butts."  I admit, I think Puck's butt is cute too, but I was surprised that there's a market for so many t-shirts with dog butts.  

Puck is more than happy to roam the fields with me, but when it comes time to go in the house to work, he refuses.  We're beginning to wonder if the house is haunted, because if I make him come inside, he shakes all over and follows close on my heels.  As soon as someone opens the door, he makes a run for it.  He would rather lay under the truck in the snow and mud than come in the dry house.  This is not a good sign for his future life here!  I'm hoping that once the loud air compressor, nail gun, and scary saws are no longer in play, he will learn to relax in the house.  I'm also hoping that we won't need to call the Ghost Busters before we can move in.  As you can see in the photo above, we have working lights and drywall spackle progress, so I'm getting more convinced all the time that we will actually live here some day.   

Having real light fixtures and fewer gaps in the walls really does make us feel like we making progress, despite the cold weather and our brief work days.  

While I focused on more drywall work, Brandon framed in the pantry door.  We found a set of doors with neat knobs at the Habitat for Humanity Store.  The smallest door is now the door to the pantry, and the slightly larger door will be directly across the room for the bathroom door.  These doors are recycled, but the are good solid doors with interesting knobs, and we got them for a very good price.  I'm more than a little excited about the pantry.  I day dream about my pantry, reorganizing the imaginary shelves with all the overflow from my crowded kitchen.  I'm determined to do a better job organizing my new kitchen, and having a handy place to store all my equipment is going to be fantastic, I'm sure.    

I'm pretty sure Puck's birthday wish was that at the end of the growing season we mow a nice trail around the perimeter of the fields so he doesn't have to leap through so much tall grass on his little legs when we take a walk.  Maybe now that he's twelve, we should consider this.   

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