Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Pink Sauerkraut Friends

One of my friends and coworkers recently attended the Wise Traditions, Weston A. Price Foundation annual meeting.  She wrote about her trip here.  I've fallen down the rabbit hole of the inter-web many times and found myself landing on the Weston A Price website. During these informational journeys, I've noticed that lots of folks are beginning to pay attention to some of the principles outlined there, like eating live food, such as sauerkraut, yogurt, raw cheese, kombucha, and keffir, and avoiding sugar and un-soaked grains and eating lots of bone broths and healthy animal fats and other healthy fats, like coconut oil.  Because the nutritional education offered by the Weston A. Price Foundation is contrary to so many of our long held beliefs about food (what? I can eat butter?!), I find it all very interesting, and since my friend and I spend lots of time driving to project sites, we get to share our thoughts about our kitchen experiments as we try making food in new (to us) ways.  We're getting a reputation among our coworkers as always talking about food.  Weird food.    

Not that sauerkraut is weird, even when it purple like my recent batch, but making sauerkraut does take planning and time, and there are many variations of method to pick from, so it's nice to have friends who are trying it too, so we can compare experiences.  

For this batch, I used less salt than I ever have before, and instead of using a plate and a jar to hold the cabbage in the juice, I filled a gallon zip lock bag with water and let it lay on the top of the kraut.  It worked wonderfully, and was much easier to use than the plate and jar.  The only problem I had is that my manner-less kitten thought I created a water bed that was just her size and I caught her taking a nap on top of my kraut!  Thank goodness I had a towel draped over it.  

If the goal is to eat some live food every day, then I need to keep making weird fermented foods so we can have a variety to pick from.  Have you had your dose of kraut today?  

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